January 6, 2014

I held the door open for her. “Thanks” I heard her say. I smiled to her but she was already way past me.

That’s the kind of girl Marina was. She came in fast and out of nowhere. The next second she was gone. In the blink of an eye.

OK, I may be exaggerating but you get the point. She was this mix speed of speed and beauty. No, actually scratch that. It wasn’t even her appearance- though she was easy on the eyes. It was a combination: the way she walked, and talked, and how she’d tuck her hair behind her ear.

Always ahead of the others, you could see her running around, hear her talking about the next, big adventure she was planning.

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March 11, 2013

"No, don't do that. They'll put it on tumblr and you don't want that. NO! STOP!"

These two make me so, so happy!


"No, don't do that. They'll put it on tumblr and you don't want that. NO! STOP!"

These two make me so, so happy!

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February 14, 2013

Take me on a ride on a hot air balloon. Take me away and show me the world.

Let’s just fly over our small town, our big dreams, our biggest fears.
Let me think you love me, even if it’s a lie.

Drive me crazy with your hazy blue eyes, your cocky smile and your colone.

Let me fall, and fall, and fall.

You don’t have to catch me. I promise I won’t shutter, I won’t make a mess.

We can play with our feelings and when we’re done, we’ll part our ways.

I don’t mind getting heart you know.. So please, stop looking at me like I’m about to break. I’m stronger than you think.

Just kiss me. Let us both feel loved. Dive in, be stupid, act like we care for once.

I’m all yours. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. All you have to do is speak the words.

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February 7, 2013
This girl.

Hey there!

I don’t know you but you know me. 

I’m the girl that’s always involved in extracurricular activities, and perhaps the student body counsil. The girl who always gets good grades. That friendly chick running up and down the school hallways.

But I’m also the girl that could spend an entire Friday afternoon at a bookstore, that would stay up all Saturday night to finish the sequel to her favourite novel, that would spend over an hour after awake, dreaming.

I’m the girl staring at that printed mini skirt from H&M like it’s made out of gold.

The good girl that has a crush on that bad guy who doesn’t even care.

I’m the girl with the messed up chilhood -whose childhood isn’t?- and the low self esteem, the issues that I make sure to keep hidden.

I’m a daydreamer.

I’m the girl who would gladly spend an hour doing her makeup.

I used to not be able to eat without at least feeling guilty. I was the girl that would order fries and then just sit there, staring at the plate, saying “No, I’m not really hungry”. But I think I’m not that girl anymore

I’m the girl applying for a scholarship in less than a month. A scholarship that has been the most important thing for me for, well, awhile.

I’m the girl who always wants more, who can never have enough.

So, maybe you know me afterall. Maybe you are me,or maybe I am a part of you.

I was that girl. Now I’m this girl.Tomorrow I might be someone else.

I’m Eve and I want the world. And chocolate. ‘Cause, let’s be realistic, chocolate always comes first.

January 6, 2013

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November 27, 2012

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November 7, 2012

I hate how it gets dark so early.

I hate the clouds. They feel so close, taking away all the oxygen.

I hate how I know that in an hour or two, I”ll lose control. I’ll have a breakdown.

I hate how I can be two completely two different people.

How each day seems to blend into the next.

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November 6, 2012
"I’ve always liked squares. They have a start and an end. An entrance and an exit. Unlike circles. Because once you’re in a circle, you become a prisoner and you just can’t find your way out"

January 30, 2012
Need to remind myself that a bit more.

Need to remind myself that a bit more.

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January 30, 2012
I have not particuly been seeing happiness around me lately.

I have not particuly been seeing happiness around me lately.

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